CPMISSION is one of the people-centred service-oriented Non-Govt. an organization working for the social up-gradation, economic reconstruction and to strengthen the life support system of the needy, marginalized and most back ward communities of Bihar.
CPMISSION plays the role of a catalyst and adopts community participatory approach for Advancing the cause of the downtrodden, creating opportunity and building up their capacity.

Dreaming of a just, equitable & sustainable society where vulnerable can lead a Healthy & dignified living without any discrimination by fulfilling their basic Necessities, enjoying their rights & discharging their duties.

CPMISSION aims at making the disadvantaged sections of the social conscious of their rights and duties in order to give them access to and control over socio-economic and political processes for a dignified living

What We Do


Water Management

Rooftop rainwater harvesting systems, storage tanks, bio-sand filters, and stand posts with water taps in schools and homes provide water for drinking and sanitation—allowing children to stay in school, especially girls who, without water at home, spend their days fetching water.

Agricultural Development

Farmers learn about improved farming methods, integrated nutrient management practices to sustain soil fertility, and how to use water efficiently for irrigation. With women villagers more actively engaged in agriculture-related decision making, rural farms are more productive.

Rural Research

Rural Research maximizes the impact of poverty alleviation initiatives for rural communities through using participatory research and impact assessment as practical tools informing action, outcomes and learning.

Empowering Women

In the modern growing economic times, the increasing presence of women entrepreneurs has led to the change in the demographics of business and economic growth of the country. We promote women's entrepreneurship by providing them loan policies and schemes for financial stability.

Value Based Education

Skill training programmes for the teachers at different schools of the district in summer vacation. Technical training for the children at different schools on traditional folk art & craft, with dance and songs. Students’ orientation on societal and humanitarian values to practice in their day to day life.

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